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About Us

The road to business success and excellence begins with us



Yasten Group is established in the year 2006. Yasten Group was founded and cultivated under the Leadership Team chaired by Dr. Adil Sakhi Al Balushi, Mr. Flemy Abraham, and Mr. Badar Al Raisi. Yasten Group head office is in Dubai, UAE and have its branch offices in Qatar and Oman.



respected company locally and internationally and become the most creative<br />all time.



Yasten Group is geared towards long-term sustainable growth and focuses on the expansion of its international business and give unique and best products and services. It is committed to technologies, products and services that unite its vision and goals to give its customers a great value and sustainable development and inspire moments of optimism and happiness.

Chairman's Message

Welcome to the Yasten Group – Dubai and please enjoy reading my statement which is made very simple to match our strategy and vision which are simple to understand but grand to achieve. Our mission to be the best in our core area of business and today market is always needs consistent hard work by all to touch our targets. I am proud to see the top management and all dedicated teams are working as one stop shop in harmony at all levels.


Evidently, my personal strength comes from my small team which I always depend on my two co-founders and partners Mr. Flemy Abraham and Mr. Badar Al Raisi , both are great support with their genuine style of leadership and business acumen.

Yasten Group is a dynamic company spreading its operations over its divisions: eCommerce platforms through www.faizoon. com and www.allfreelancers. com, Management and Economic Consultancy, Trading, Educational Programs, Real Estate and Property Management, Funding, Infrastructure Projects, Medical Solutions, Food Industry, and Petrochemical Products.


What’s so different about what we do every day? The answer is simple: we understand our business SWOT. We understand the growth margin, velocity and the return on investments, therefore we are engaged in growing our business by enriching our employees and our customers lives and those of their families. We have big plans where we want our businesses to go. We are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities and strive to be the best at whatever we can do.


We are all creative professionals in our own ways. We share our passion for innovation and the creative process. Our approach, commitment to sustainability, and culture of excellence are unique. Clients benefit from our collaborative process and dedication to performing on the line of our all activities. We are committed to our vision and mission.



Dr. Adil Sakhi Al Balushi, Chairman of Yasten Group started the business in 2006 along with his Managing Partners, Mr. Badar Al Raisi and Mr. Flemy Abraham.